• featured client
    From album artwork to merchandise, Broken Wire Media has handled it all for this Industrial Rock band.
  • featured client
    Jay Kendrick
    Broken Wire Media was in charge of creating the artwork for "If You Don't Like Me... You're Correct".

Our Services

Broken Wire Media has made a point of being able to provide anything a client may need for a unified and cohesive marketing or branding campaign.

From Web to print, video and audio to photography, we've got you covered. Need something else? Give us a minute and we'll learn that too!

Graphic Design

Neat and minimilistic or grungy and chaotic. Hell, neatly chaotic or grungily minimilistic, we are dedicated to visually representing the heart and soul of your brand.

Web Design

Your website is like your brand's baby. Everybody wants to pet it, and wants to see if it knows any tricks. Wait, maybe that's a dog...Anyway we can make your brand baby OR dog the best of them all.

Photography & Video

Here at Broken Wire, we have multiple photographers and videographers that have covered the entire spectrum of visual needs at one point in their life or another. Challenge us. We're up for it. Bet ya can't stump us. ;)

Music & Audio Recording

The Broken Wire crew makes music in our sleep. We've recorded and created audio all across the US. Also, while asleep. Just imagine what we can do for you, while awake! Which we totally will be.

About Us

The Broken Wire team is a group of rag-tag rapscallions who seemingly never get tired of each other. We've hopscotched across the country to some of the best design firms around, and somehow always ended up back together. So, we quit fighting the inevitable and launched our own ship into the stormy waters for our own piece of the marketing pirate booty.

Our Secret?

Broken Wire Media believes that the key to a good campaign is a unified vision. We provide this comprehensive service by dedicating ourselves to understanding and embracing your product. By being masters of all trades, we never have to outsource to produce your vision. Even with a solid branding foundation, messages and themes can be lost when engaging multiple companies who may have different visions for your product.

Why risk an inconsistent message, when you have the option of using just ONE company for all your needs?

We have a never say die rallying cry and we're prepared to take your brand to the next level, no matter what it takes.


  •  Print Design
  •  Web Development
  •  Video Editing
  •  Motion Graphics
  •  Photography
  •  Quoting "Grandma's Boy"

Meet the Scurvy Crew

Aaron Wallace

Co-Founder + Chief Technology Officer

General porveyer of all things beard related and father to at least one future Sith Lord, Aaron has been in the business for the better part of 45 thousand years, but you can ask about the last 15 years or so, the rest is classified.

Danny Rendo

Co-Founder + Chief Creative Officer

Resident Ginger in Chief, Danny was resurrected by witches in the 17th Century to bring rock to the Puritans, but alas, the spell took 2 centuries to fully take effect and the rest is history. He's obnoxiously good at everything, we blame the witches.

McKenzie Wallace

Chief Marketing Officer

McKenzie won Most Likely to Succeed while still in the womb. She managed the team of doctors at her own delivery and it was the most seamless delivery ever. Recounts of the event are now used in training seminars all across the world. She knows how to get things done efficiently and with pizazz, whatever that is.

Ashley Wallace

Senior Designer + Social Media Specialist

Ashley is our resident demon pixie. She has an uncanny ability to know what a person needs before they do, and everyone hates it, but it makes production meetings super fast. Her smile is infectious, but don't worry, we provide a complementary vaccine. It tastes like raspberries.

Get in Touch

Broken Wire Media also employs a team of psychics, and we already know you're gonna hire us, but the legal team says we need everything in writing. So, hit us up and tell us what the psychics already know. Plus, each business meeting comes with the chance to hang out with a hairless cat, and who doesn't want to do that?